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Nowadays, as the android system becomes more sophisticated, most of the car companies install it in the car head unit.But before that there're a number of cars didn't install the android when they rolled off the assembly line.So car owners would like to replace their factory head unit with a new android head unit.

Many of them get excited about DIY, they may browse some professional websites ,buy the head unit from ebay or amazon, then start to install. I M also one of them.Last year I buyed an Android 7.1.1 system for my car, now it works well, and I can use many new features.

When U install the new android head unit, some issues are unavoidable. In my view, don’t hesitate to consult your dealer, communicate with someone experienced or seek help from a professional. If you still think it hard for you to install the*new head unit by yourself, you’d better straightly go to a upgrade center to ask a technician to help you.
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