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Hi all, noob here.

I'm going to be buying a W plate (2000) Rover 25 GTi this week (£2400 with 53k miles :bgrin:) but to get insurance on it I need to know what immobiliser it has. I believe it's got the original security system fitted but on the Direct Line website they give me about 5 different options for Rover cars.

It's out of:
Rover Ews3
Rover Immobiliser (Small/Med Car)
Rover Mg-R Security System 1
Rover Mg-R Security System 2
Rover Scu

I haven't the foggiest about which one it could be and I don't want void insurance when I pick the car up. Any help?


Oh, and I'll probably be on here quite a bit once I've got it :minxy:
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