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tight i could get all technical but to be honest i carnt be bothered.

right theres a replacement "high performance" air filter and an induction kit. The air filter (which you will also get with the kit) allows a more constant floe of air through to the engine. Overall they are not majorly different from a clean paper filter but do not tend to "clog" like a paper one can. In short better air to the engine.

An induction kit involves taking ait from either a non standard air box arrangement with a duct or ducting the air to the existing airbox. The basic thing is that by having the cold less dense air to the engine (instead of the hot dirty air from the engine bay) you will get a better air supply and ths can adjust the fueling accordingly to provide a better burn and increase in performance. The induction pipe and filter also help control the turbulence of the air (and in some cases induce it) to provide a better combustion.

From what i understand the effect on a tf (good design you see) is minimal and you are paying more for a nice bit of kit to tinker with as much s the performance improvement.

Due to the percieved massive powergaines some people thing these systems bring they will also effect your insurance.


increase in power,
look nice
bragging rights
nicer induction noise (on some)

cost a fair bit for what they are
increase in noise (dependent on model)
possible increase in insurance

hope that helps.
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