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Advice on new speakers needed plz!

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While my car has been in the bodyshop ive been thinking about upgrading my front speakers. I have 6x9's in the rear amped to about 80 rms which sound fine, sub in ported box with its own amp. The problems arise in the front.

The previous owner installed clarion :sad3: components in the front which are naff and one side has blown!!!! What im looking for is some speakers for the front (17cm) to run off my headunit, a sony cdx-7500. I dont want to spend much money just balance the sounds a bit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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The output from the Sony headunit won't be anything like what they claim - you'll probably get about 15W per channel before you start talking about serious distortion. Most aftermarket speakers need more than this to run successfully, and sound quieter than OEM speakers for a given input power. They're probably blown because the previous owner didn't realise that aftermarket speakers should be amped.. if you go out and buy some more, without amping them, you'll probably end up doing the same to your new speakers.

Personally, I'd sell the 6*9's, take the cash, add it to your money already budgeted for the replacement fronts, but some uprated speaker cable, sound deadening and a better set of components, and install them running off the amp that was driving the 6*9's.

No damaged 6*9's caused by the bass trying to escape the boot via their cones then, nothing blocking the bass from coming through, no high frequency stuff being played in the back and confusing the music, and better quality sound up front. You really can't lose going down this route ;)


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sounds like a good idea, then i can lose the stealth shelf which weighs a tonne!!! Can you reccoment some components? The amp is rated at 2 x 80rms at 4 ohmes. I dont wanna spend much (being a student) about £80.

The front doors are already sound proofed using loadsa flashing tape.
where would be the best place to mount the amp and how do i run new speaker wire through the sockets in the doors?

Thanks for your help mate
If you can stretch to it i highly reccommend these --- Genesis Front Profile 16's

Can be seen on but the sites down - but if you now you'll get the code for 10% off - should bring u'll bill down a fair bit.

As for the amp - i always think the boot is the best place. But it could be put under the front passenger seat (always the danger of the missus or kids kickin it then thou :))
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