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Advice needed

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RIght at the moment i have 15" alloys on my mgf and due to the tracking being way out they front tyres are almost balled now to replace them would cost about £200 so i have been looking for mgf 16" alloys with decent tyres on them i have had no luck i have searched every where including rover breaker who wanted £400+ for them lol

so has anyone tried this from mike satur???


We have redesigned these popular adapters which now allow wheels with a PCD (pitch circle diameter) from 98mm to 114mm to be fitted to the MGF stud pattern. This caters for virtually any 4 stud wheel. Although the price has increased slightly to cover the cost of additional studs now supplied it will allow the re-use of the standard wheel nuts and locks which can cost £30- £40 a set. Price is £115.00 plus vat (£135.12

IF so how good are they thanx Dan
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Those are brillant, will allow you to pick just about any alloy you want to fit!

I personally have 17" Konig Graphite's on!
They have been about for quite a few years now and have sucessfully allowed F and TF owners to fit wheels with different PCDs. However, you still have to take into account the wheel offset and the centre hole. So, not every alloy wheel will fit - best check with Mr Satur to be on the safe side. Alternatively why not go for his 17" wheels that don't need an adapter. He'll sell you them with or without tyres.
ye it's price im after see if i baught this kit it would give me then aroudn £200 to find second hand 16" s i have a budget of about £300 thats what the prob is damn bonus doesnt come till april the 20th and my tyres are illegal so im not going to risk driving round with them on so i want to get this sorted asap anyone selling mgf/tf alloys???

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