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Addicted to back to black

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Yep it's true. just started using it. damn works better than i thought.
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Thinking about it. would boot polish work too?
Silicon spray is awesome on plastic, but ffs don't get it on the paint! Lasts for ages.
I use megs tire gel on my tyres (duh).

I apply it using the curved side of a kitchen sponge...

I then use the residue to do my trim.

Not only is it better than any other trim product in terms of lasting and blackness but it save me buying two products (without using twice as much of one product).

The shape of the sponge also make applying it so easy!

Just dont be tempted to put extra on (ie not just using residue) as this will run and go on your paint (the residue alone wont). Its not harmful but it doesnt look good.....
Yeah I know..... got a bit on the paint.

How the hell do I get it off!!
I know its sacrilegious to say, but will washing up liquid remove it? I plan to re wax and polish straight afterward.
Would be good, but I don't have any knocking around. Too skint to get some too. I'll see if the inlaws have any tomorrow
Ha ha ha ha

How do you know it's too late.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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