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ABS warning light on 620GSi 1993 (L)

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recently purchased 620gsi on an L 1993 and am really please with the performance.It's nearly time for an mot and the abs warning light remains constantly on,the previous owner said a fuse was replaced in the abs system and just needs a reset.How do i go about doing this.
any advice much appreciated
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Does the light go out when you start the car, then come on and stay on? If it does it should still pass the MOT . If I remember right there are 2 fuses and a relay on the ABS system, 1 fuse in the engine compartment and 1 in the fusebox in the car, it might be worth taking these out for a few minutes, this may reset the ABS memory/ self test system, if not maybe a trip to the Dealer, mind you I took mine in and they said it was an unknown code,told me they had cleaned the sensors of grease and charged me £15, it didnt make any difference though grrrr !!
Hello pompeyrich,
abs light comes on with the rest of dash lights and stays on when car started,will try all those fuses at weekend.
know what you mean about dealers my local one Edmonson wants £60.00 just to do a diagonstic check on it.
thanks for advice
can't wait to get in on the road andy
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