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AA Breakdown Repair Cover

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Worth knowing if you have this cover which is basically a warranty. . . .

I have this cover for my TF and claimed on it twice. 1 X HFG and 1 X Failed wheel bearing so its paid for itself in only a few months. I called out the AA a couple of nights ago for a flat battery on my Peugeot 407SW. £99 for a new one but the AA patrolman said I should add the 407 to the policy for an extra few quid and the battery would have cost me the excess (£25)

To add the 407 is an extra £4.80 per month so if you have this cover and have a second car, its worth considering.

You can claim up to £500 (including VAT and subject to a £25 excess) per claim and make up to 5 paid claims a year. If Multiple Vehicle Cover is held with Joint or Family Membership only, the total maximum paid claims per year is increased to 6.

See here . . .
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Yes, a friend of mine had this cover and greatly reduced their bill for repair after a cambelt failure. I meant to look into it but completely forgot.

Moderators, do you know if is this one of the options available with a discount for Supporters? The sticky does not say what each level of cover provides just the price and the discount.
yep i have it and have had for the past two years, multicar policy covers both my MG's its paid out £1700 in the last two and a half years, well worth it.

Oh, what I forgot to add in my first post is . . . if you have a third car, no charge! it's still £4.80 per month if you are adding one or two cars. Great deal!
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