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hey guys

from what i've read if i fancy a engine conversion for my ZR these are the guys?

however i work 7 days a week and can't find time to ring them

so anybody have upto date info on what there charging for a conversion?

im talking T series obviously planning on dropping the car off with them and picking it up done

also does anyone know if they would do AWP 1.8T conversions?(mk4 golf engine)
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Link from their section on "another" forum

AAautosport said:
T16 conversions from £950

Right guys and girls.
This is a new price we are offering for ZR/25's. This is for the conversion, and doesn't include the donor car (we can help you source one if need be).

It covers all parts needed for a professional fit, wiring and ecu coding as required. It also includes powdercoating of the inlet manifold, a paint of the engine/box etc, stainless cam cover bolts.

For this we offer NO WARRENTY of the donor parts, if there any noticable problems with parts during the conversion, you will be informed. (please make sure you are aware of this!)

The fitting of the engine (the work we have done), will be warrentied.

Any extra's can be added, eg clutch.

an extra charge of £25 will be added to cars requiring new ABS reluctor rings if there is a problem transfering them over to the new shafts.

This is a drive away price.


Feel free to email me [email protected] if you have any further questions.
Best bet is to drop Aidy an email telling him what you have in mind.

Think the cost can fluctuate a bit though depending what exactly needs doing with the donor engine etc, and how far you want to take things regarding power.

I would seriously think about budgeting for around the £2k mark though mate, as when i've been there i've seen people turn up with poor conversions done else where which has cost a lot of money to put right, so best to get it done right first time fella. :)

as for the 1.8T, i've no idea, but if it can be done, i'm sure they can manage it.
as said, they will probably take the job on if its possible to do. I know the 1.8T Audi engine can be done. Don't be expecting anything near the £950 for that though!
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