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I finally got my 75 cdt back after the dreaded slave cylinder/clutch replacement, after it popped 60 miles away from home!

First thing to do was fit the 18" Gridspokes with new Avon ZZ3's that have been sat in my basement waiting for the car to come back.

It did have 15" crowns so as you can imagine it looks the muts nuts!

Thanks to this forums advice (and especially Rover_ron's) the EGR has had a good clean and next on the list is the induction mod.

A big thank you to Terry at Russell Garage in Whally Range, Manchester.

The bill came in at £543 inc VAT and that included an MOT that was due while the car was off the road, which it flew through without as much as one advisory notice!

There are some good guys out there!
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