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1. Up to you. The manual was changed for the TF, F manuals state that the rear screen should be unzipped if the hood is to be left down for long periods. As far as i am aware there are no changes between the two rear screens / hoods that would justify this change in tack, only warrantee claims for cracked rear screens!

Check out the MGF FAQ hood tips here:

>> <<

The tube idea has been done and works very well. Some people use some large pipe lagging round a tube, but you need to be aware of it, if you raise the hood quickly (i.e. from the driver's seat) it will fly out the back of the car! :lol:

2. Hard tops can be resprayed quite easily - the tricky part is to get them to match the paintwork that is already on your car.

3. Rear view mirror is fitted to the windscreen on a spline - it may be that the mirror isn't pushed firmly enough onto the spline (reach over the mirror and press the base down the windscreen to push it further ont the spline), or it may be that the spline itself has come loose (warrantee job).

Welcome to the forum and CAPS is considered shouting (just a 'nettiquette' thing). :)
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