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Hi guys, my first post on here. Just bought a 'T' reg 416si last saturday. All seemed to be ok at first until I noticed the heater wasn't getting warm. I've spent the last 2 days trawling the forums for info and have found out how to fix heater fan control as positions 1 and 2 arn't working. I have also reconnected the cable behind the centre console that works the heater settings. But alas, still only cold air coming from blowers.
I looked in header tank just now and there seemed to be vitually no water in there!!! Voila! I thought, but oh no!
I topped it up to the 'max' mark and started the car. Left it running 15 mins, but still no warm air inside car. I tried to release the header tank cap while the car was running and opaque water spewed out!
I also noticed that the radiator fan didn't kick in at any point, but the temps in the car are just under half way and don't get any higher.
This is the thing I hate about buying second hand cars...nasty suprises!
My previous car had just had a fortune spent on it when last wednesday the cambelt went! Was quoted anything upto £1800 to fix it. It seemed silly to put any more money into it so I cut my losses and let it go. I wouldn't have been in such a rush to buy a 2nd hand car but for the fact that my 8 year old daughter is about to go into hossy for an operation and I wouldn't be able to manage without transport.
I'm now afraid to use the rover 400 as I don't know whats going on with the cooling system and I'm completely out of funds til the end of the month, so a garage is out of the question at the moment

Sorry for droning on but after the week from hell last week, this ones not looking any better! Although Revolutions is on TV tonight, so that IS something to look forward to at

Can anyone offer any help? (not with a TV BTW, I have a working one of those!):iwstupid:
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