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820 si stainless backbox

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any ideas for an aftermarket stainless backbox for the 820si? cant find a genuine one, so a lookalikey twin tailpipe is sought, not too loud but must be stainless....
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get 1 custom made, just ask for a quiet one and they will make it that way (although they are all a little loud for the first couple of thousand miles until properly run in).

custom made jobs usually cost little more than aftermarket ones anyway.
I just had a cat back made in ss for my Vitty at powerflow dealer, £300 so a bit pricey but a lovely job, there was a full range of tailpipes with some very similar to oe
mongoose make one for the vitesse , not sure about the differences betwenn the exhausts on the n.asp and the turbo cars , andy
here's a piccie of the tailpipes on the Custom built Cat-back on my Dad's 820 auto, sorry best pic I can find on pc. His exhaust runs quiet.

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car looks lovely, yea thats the sort of thing im after, ive seen some diy jobs on ebay, where did that one come from ?
not sure either, seems a fair price for a lifetime guarantee tho, will see what the wageslip lets me spend this month
My Dad's one above was from an independant Exhaust builder (Permazaust in St. Annes). Cost was about £220 at the time (been on a few years now though). Came with the lifetime guareentee too, but you have to take for an annual check for it to stay active, and we never bother with the checks. (We just keep an eye on the steel hangers and bungs ourselves. plus they get checked at MOT)

Used them before and was always pleased with the results. They use the stainless steel that does not stay shiny, but copes better with rapid heat rises and cooling down.

I got my own exhaust from a company in Walsall, mine is quite loud though and a dual exit jobbie. Mine is of the shiny stainless throughout (so cost lots more cos of this and dual exit), which looks better underneath the car, but can be more prone to coping with changes in extreme temperatures, but again came with guareentee (never could spell that word!), which I have never bother to keep active via an annual check of system.

I should of watched them remove/fit it at the time though because I am sure the main pipe is narrower than the one they took off the car, and although it is a free-er flowing designed exhaust, it never seemed to have the same kick because of this. One day I will maybe change this. (I hate paying out twice, particularly when it looks so good too.) (I should of done more enquires at the time, my brother asked them for specs on the silencers they used for his Jeep and did not use them because the spec was too low for what he require, wanted 1 layer thicker than whatever it was they fit.)
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