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Just registered and with good reason. I have spoken to one or two colleagues and a mechanic (plus one pseudo-mechanic) and I think that the forward drive belts are goosed.

Could someone help explain what I need to do (i.e. new belts or new gearbox) and how I should best go about it?

With my limited knowledge I thought maybe would help me source new bits, but which bits?

Anyway, all assistance gratefully received.

It may be possible to adjust the friction bands - the process is covered in the Haynes manual.

I'll see if I can get a bit of info posted here shortly.

Band adjust

Adjusting the band may help. Basically, screw in the bolt until the desired torque is achieved and back off as described.

Also, do make sure that fluid levels are spot on.

If all else fails, a cheap 820 auto can be sourced via ebay to donate it's box to you. A 1998 car would be worth saving if the cost is reasonable.

The adjuster is on the back of the box, by the way.


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