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75's C.D. changer.

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My 75's C.D. changer take a long time to load up[I mean when i put in the C.D. magazine,the head unit show''CD CHECK" for a long time],sometime i have to reload the Magazine [or a light tapping on the changer]in order to play the C.D.,does anybody have the same problem.?Anybody knows what wrong with my changer.??Thanks.......
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I had this problem a few weeks ago, the unit just sat on 'cd check' and refused to work. So i took the unit out and opened it up (this is not recommended for anyone, i work in the electronics field) anyway i was able to move the mechanism by manually winding it on to the play position and was able to clean the laser lens,reassembled it and it has worked fine since.
You could try using one of cd cleaner disks and see if it helps, do not be tempted to do what i have done unless you know what you are doing, you can really f--k it up :naughty:
Don't suppose you could tell me how you installed the blitter. I have had a problem installing a CD changer to R75 with phillips Harmony. Changer operates but HU does not notice it is there. See latest thread for details.

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