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Ok so my rover 75 cdt is now running still a little unsure of what it was
I checked the fuel flow through to the filter and to the injector pipe on top and it had fuel and pressure

I checked the back pump which appearred to be running all the time so i chucked 2 tins of fuel in which stopped the pump running after a while

I changed the Cam sensor (which i may change back yet) to see if it was actually the fuel problem or not

I cleaned the Pelum thingy and it was blocked but nothing appearred to have reached the ECU

when i first started the car the front RHS headlamp flashed the car sort of turned oiver slower as if struggling then sprang into life !!! wahooo
Concern is that it stops when wifey is out and if some one could explain the head laight thing i'd be most greatful

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