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I've been talking to a company in Glouctershire who make upgraded Intercoolers for Land Rovers. They are keen to make a Front Mounted IC for a 75/ZT CDT/CDTi and from pics and sketches they are going to have my car for a day to make up plans/pipe runs for a 9 litre (ish) FMIC.

It will sit immediately behind the front lower gril, will not fowl the rad and tanks will be at the same end to aid with the current pipe set up (to ensure no increase in lag etc).

I'm more than happy to have one as a one off, but if more of you are interested, when the final one is made up and fitted, they will make a batch which will lower the costs.

Benefits.......well, if you are running tuning boxes, intake mods and maybe plan on upping the boost, a FMIC not only looks smart, but it aids in the reliability of running high boost where the current, poorly located IC wont.

If you are interested, then let me know.

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