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75 2.5 overheating help!

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Drove about 3 miles the other night, and noticed the temp gauge red warning light was on and the needle was on 'max'.

As I pulled onto my drive, it suddenly dropped to halfway, then flicked back up to 'max' again.

When it had cooled down, I topped up the water (about 1/2 litre) and drove for about 1/2 mile. The temp gauge rose very quickly to 1/2 way up, but didn't go any higher. Got home with steam coming from bonnet.

Coolant was pouring out of the overflow tube on the filler neck of the header tank. Suspected an air lock and topped up again. About 1 litre this time. Ran car on drive and overheated again after about 4 minutes at idle. Fan does not come on even when hot and spitting coolant out. Temp gauge stays at halfway up, even though car is overheating.

Suspect thermostat, water pump or head gasket.

Any help greatly appreciated.
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Head Gasket Failure (HGF) is rare on the KV6 so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

It's interesting that the fan isn't coming on, I suspect it could be as simple as an air lock.
Or of course, a faulty fan !

My 2001 1.8 had identical symptoms Onslow and indeed, the fan motor was stone dead (expect about a fivers worth of change from £500 at MGR).

With the climate control NOT on econ mode, does the fan still not come on ?

If it doesn't, pretty safe bet the motor is shot. T4 will tell you (well, MGR) instantly.
Excuse my ignorance, but what is T4?

I spoke to a Rover dealer today, who also said it is likely to be an air lock.
I replaced the thermostat anyway (what a bitch of a job!).
My Manual says to fill the cooling system using a vacuum method. Obviously, I don't have the tool for that, so do you know if the system can be filled by the normal method, and how do I avoid air locks?
How do I check the fan?

At what temperature should it come on?

Irrespective of how long I run the car, my temp gauge only gets to halfway up, even though the coolant is boiling up and spitting out the overflow tube on the header tank.
The fan should come on as soon as the air con is on, no matter what temp is set. Hit the "auto" button, fan should come on right away.

T4 is the testbook/computer MGR use for diagnosis.

I think Alex did a recent thread on how to refill the 75/ZT without vacuum.

Sorry I can't be of more help !
Too late to check now.
RAC dragged it to the dealer this afternoon.

I spoke to four Rover dealers today.
All said possible airlock (£50 to sort), or head/gasket replacement (£1000).

Dealer says it's the fan not working.

460 notes !!!!

Hope there's nothing else after this.
You have my sympathy sir, I had my fan fail six months ago :(
Sod that £460 !! Now you know what it is go down the local rover breakers and pick up a fan and do it yourself !!

Even if it still costs ya £100 still a big saving !!

I paid £100 quid for a second hand fan at a rover breakers. They're rare as rocking horse. Most of the 75's there had front end write-offs, not what you need when you're after a fan motor :)

That was the easy bit.

The hard bit then was finding someone who could de-gas the air con, strip the front end of the car down, swap the motor then re-gas air con. The air con pipes run through the fan cowling, most ridiculous design I've ever seen.

I *SWEAR* they build things like this on purpose !

So I thought sod that, what if this second hand fan fails after six months ?

I went to MGR and coughed up :(

Still, it bought me peace of mind, I can sit in traffic now not wondering when my second hand fan motor will fail.
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