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620ti Clutch cylinder renewal and bleeding

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My stand in 620ti that I bought as a temporary runabout nearly 2 years ago suffered a clutch hydraulic failure on the way home the other week. I set off from work ok, getting up into 3rd without noticing any problem and then when I went to go into first at some traffic lights the clutch wouldn't disengage sufficiently and the pedal felt a bit soft. I had to turn the engine off to engage first and drive home changing gear by rev matching to prevent baulking. On checking the clutch reservoir I found it had lost all the fluid, a check of the master and slave cylinders revealed both were showing signs of age and leakage so I ordered and fitted replacements.
After trying the traditional manual bleeding and vacuum bleeding methods I am still unable to get a firm pedal and full clutch disengagement. I've tried John's method of levering the release arm to force slave cylinder back in with the bleed nipple open and still no joy. I'm at a loss as to what's going wrong, has anyone got any suggestions other than a faulty new master or slave?
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1. Between master and slave is expander - too much air.
2. Look on connection to the coupling - extruded axle.
These systems are renowned for been a pain to bleed, i had to replace both the master and slave last year and i was pulling my hair out trying to bleed all of the air out

There is no real special way to do it, you just have to keep at it and be persistent, after bleeding in the usual way i ended up just sitting in the car and pressing the clutch over and over and over with the reservoir cap off watching the tiny bubbles slowly make their way up and in the end it bled fully
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