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5 May 2006


With less than 500 days to go before the launch of its new Cinquecento, (500), the car that is set to become an automotive star of 2007, Fiat Auto has launched an international operation known as The 500 Wants You.

This is a revolutionary project that uses the Internet, from where it will extend to other means of communication. It has one single goal: to involve the public in planning the evolution of Italy’s most popular small car into an automotive icon.

The 500 Wants You is starting as a huge online laboratory, where users can discover the stylistic concept of the new car, express their preferences, propose ideas and contribute, for the first time in motoring history, to its creation, in a combined, interactive way.

The site is now open to the public’s contributions and expectations, which will be assessed and possibly used during the actual development of Fiat Auto’s new car.

The 500 Wants You will evolve into 500ology, the largest online encyclopedia of stories and pictures dedicated to the 500, written jointly with the public. Visitors will

be able to enter a ‘Configuration Lab’ to play around with and model Fiat’s concept car, and record their ideas. And there will even be a space dedicated to activities for designers, including a competition organised with Designboom, an independent web magazine for the design world, and an opportunity to create and customise the home page of the site specifically for the web designer community.

But, like many things on the Internet, the site is a case of work in progress, which will welcome new content, activities and initiatives, according to a plan that envisages several updates during the days that precede the launch of Fiat Auto’s new car, and which will gradually be introduced over the coming months. In other words, for Fiat, 500 Wants You is an innovative, revolutionary philosophy, employed to conceive a new product, which involves designers, creative people, and above all, future users in the process directly.

“For the first time in the history of our company,” explains Luca De Meo, Brand & Commercial Manager for Fiat Auto, “and perhaps of the motor industry as a whole, a car will be created by the public and for the public!”
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