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Hiya peeps

Not sure if this the right section to post this in but just got back from weekend in London and after driving my 188 mile round trip, at 60/65 mph on the way there and 65/70 mph on the way back ive refilled with £12.73 and am over the moon with my new record mpg, previously I was pleased with my 54 mpg, but this had been a similar motorway journey but driving at 50-60 mph, anyhoo it worked out to be...

60 MPG

Im well chuffed :cloud9:

has anyone else ever got the same/better?!?

Amazing little cars really aint they!

also, its good to know the car is doing better MPG at higherspeed, I think at 50/60 in 5th it can feel a little laboured, anyone else find that? where as 70 ish it seems happy!

Just wanted to let 'yall know

Cheers for listening

Dave :)
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