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i have just purchased a 220 gsi turbo i dnt no much about them as i have come from 200sx and renault 5 turbos. how much boost do they run standard? and power? how much can u turn the boost up by safley? i have fitted a dump valve and it isnt very loud i was wondering if they had a standard recurculating valve on them? or if they just arent very loud in genral. and also were i could sourse a de-cat pipe from? much apprecaited if any 1 can shed any light.

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Ah, a fellow GSi Turbo owner :D

Well they run 8-11psi std, but can run around 12psi nicely on a boost controller, i've got mine set at 13, but my engine's showing no sign of wear/pinking etc. on standard boost and breathing, they're around 185bhp.

The Dump valve may not be loud if you've not blanked off the OE re-circ DV on the turbo. This is either done by a plate or by a bung that goes in the unit to keep the diaphragm shut.

de-cat pipe is probably best custom made, ideally a full 2.5" exhaust system will suit the car down to the ground :)

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this is copied and pasted from my spec on rovertech:-


Turbo Technics T28 - 0.64/0.48 (full boost @ 2500rpm)
Apexi AVC-R set to HIGH - 13psi LOW - 9psi
blitz C1 airfilter and Roverdose cold airbox
8mm Magnecor leads
Baileys Twin Piston 'EVO' Dump valve
powerflow full system w/t 4.5" jap style back box 2.5" tubing to downpipe with removable de-cat
Custom turbo elbow
Ported and flowed cylinder head to match manifolds with Helicoiled exhaust bolt threads
Gearbox with uprated diff bearings and input shaft bearings
Custom shortshift
Battery to boot.
Spal 2x 8" slim line fans

ZR160 fronts
ZR160 rears
dot 5.1 fluid
Braided hoses all round

Roversports rear bumper
Roversports Side skirts
Roversports rear top spoiler
Custom front grill
Clear Side repeaters
Rover OE fogs
Laguna splitter
de-badged rear
Coupe aerial
De-locked passenger door
Tinted windows
17" wolfrace UR7's with 205/40/17 Rubber

Koni Yellow top adjustable
Spax Springs
Sparco Front Strut Brace
Roverdose Rear Strut Brace
Superflex ARB bushes and tie bar bushes
Powerflex rear lower arm bushes and front ARB linkages

mk3 dash w/t 25 dash shelf
boost guage mounted in A pillar pod (soon to be moulded to A pillar)
ZR dash strip
Late Mini airbag steering wheel with silver trim
Customer Skewer dials and heater surrounds with blue and red lighting
Centre arm rest
momo gearknob
AVC-r mounted in centre vents with alcantara build
Oil temp and Voltage 52mm Splitfire guages in custom centre console build

kenwood KDC - M9021 head unit
sony 2way speakers in doors
2x 4" subs mounted in an SQ+ Glovebox build
10" Kicker sub
Pheonix Gold Octane 4.0.2 amp (powering sub)
Hilfonics Eagle amp (powering glovebox subs)
Hilfonics Falcon amp (powering front speakers)

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