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Power x grey SE MOT until 10/10/18 Working Aircon

2005 facelift model with euro front lights and the lexus style rears. 90k miles.

I bought this car about 3 years ago, it was standard at the time. I have made a few basic but worthwhile mods to it:

K&N panel filter in the standard airbox
SDI injectors
Decat exhaust (original available for Mot)
Sports back box
Boost upped
Boost gauge fitted into glove box.
EGR valve blank plates fitted.
New 3 part clutch and clutch cable fitted.

Probably running about 150bhp

IT has always run very well on this setup, Late last year I did a number of jobs:
New front stub axles
New front bearings
4 new toyo T1r's
Replace both oil cooler pipes with brand new ones
New air con condensor and regas.

Just before Christmas I had the new MOT done and then it broke down. I suspect the P5sg control unit thing on the fuel pump (see my other thread) I sent it off to an online company for a new diode or something, however it never fixed the fault.
At this point I gave up.

As it was running so sweet before it broke it seems a waste to crush it and I don't have the enthusiasm to fix it so I would prefer someone to buy it whole and get it running again.

If it doesn't go as a whole I will remove the bits that have value and post them up here and then crush whats left.

Make me an offer?

Car in south wales
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