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2004 MG ZS 120+ master lock problem

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I've just bought an 8 month old ZS 120+ with 4500 miles on the clock, and found that the master lock switch/panic alarm on the centre console doesn't work. This means that it's impossible to override the speed-related locking feature which operates at about 5mph, and in order to let passengers out the engine has to be switched off before the doors can be opened.
Has anybody else had this problem, and if so, was it easily fixed?

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Had this on ours. The connection had come off of the switch (if it was ever fitted). Dealer reconnected it and it has been fine since.
Many thanks for that, Stu. Glad to hear it could be something simple. In the meantime I've also found that if you depress the driver's door locking button before driving off, you disable the automatic speed locking system.
Probably the connection has been left off during assembly..
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