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2002 ZT 190+ what's are these pipes for?

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I have noticed when my ZT190 is stood water drips from two breather pipes located ubder the car (just level with the front doors).
I thought at first this was condensation from the aircon but it is more than a drip. A puddle 8 inch round can develop in a few minutes. These pipes are obviously there for a reason and doing there job, just curious as to what they are for? Is it a run off for rain water from the bonnet gulleys?
Picture attached.

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That pipe with a large drip emanating from it is the air con evaporator drain tube.....suprisingly enough!
its not uncommon for water to pour out of those tubes, mercs are especially prone to leaving puddles under them after being sat still for a while with the aircon going.

its really surprising to see how much water gets chucked out on a humid day.
I can guarantee to have at least one query a week about this water in the early summer.......
we get one a day show in reception.

'my cars leaking water!'

closely followed by

'it smells when i use the aircon!'

as some people ignore the advice of using it all year round. nice case of legionners for you sir? can't get Legionairres disease from an automotive a/c system - you only get it from water cooled inductrial applications, but many workshops use this false info to sell a/c service work.........
Major Ingram said:
I can guarantee to have at least one query a week about this water in the early summer.......
Oh. OK, I'll wait for summer then....................


Major Ingram said:
....and wait for the curt reply!

Err OK, sorry..................... :err:
Indeed it is the aircon as cold air cannot support so much water vapour as warm air. Surprising amount eh?

Remember ailing the concenrs of a German Passat Driver in Salisbury when he stopped his car, only to see this puddle on a blistering hot day. His English was like my German, but by pointing at the A/C button and the sun, and shaking my head when pointing at the rad he got the message!

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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