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200 Cabbies to drive?

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Thinking now summer's coming to get a Cabby, few questions you yu guys:
How do they handle compared to a normal 200 of the same age, coz i've heard they suffer from shuttle shake?
Are they more rattley?
Are they very noisey with the roof up at crusiing speed?
How are they in winter with regards to leaking/dampness on the interior??

Thanks guys.
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Mine handles quite tidily - you do get an amount of scuttle-shake, but to be fair you'll get that with its competition anyway (Golf, Escort etc).

Mine's got no rattles at all, and at 136,000 I'm well impressed. It's noisier than a saloon car at speed, but it's not excessively intrusive - again, it's no worse than the coupe which does have a whistle around the targas.

With a good hood, it'll remain very dry inside unless you're in an absolute deluge.
Scuttle shake is the work mate lol :banghead:

Cheers for that info dude, i'm still thinking if it's worth me getting one espeically after the wknd we had with all that lovely weather and plenty more sunshine coming through the summer :s2h:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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