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Just noticed today that there is a strange white powdery substance on the hose that leads away from the coolant tank. Could it just be coolant mixture that has escaped and condensed to powder? Or something more serious?

And my other concern is the way i have positioned the air filter. I did previously have it direclty on the throttle body, but after being concerend with warm air entering the TB i decided to move it. As you can see it rests on the open air box, which i thought my act as a secondary air feed to the hose running from the front grill. Is there anything i could do to raise the filter so it is not resting on the air box...? Is the positioning of the air feed tube too close to the filter? Should i get another tube that runs directly from the air box vent to the air filter as another direct air feed?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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