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1997 416SLi Auto (Honda) ECU and Water Leakage

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Hi all,

Problems problems....... I have lifted all the carpets on the passenger footwell and have found them to be sopping wet, lifted back as far as I can and need to do some leak testing to find the cause, has anyone else found leaks into Rover 400's under the carpets? The car has been repaired by a couple of body shops and I have the distinct feeling that they have broken the water seal somewhere. Need to get the wife out with a hose pipe to try and find.

Secondly, the engine management light is on. Read from elsewhere to look at ECU blinking LED for fault codes, low and behold there is no friggin LED on my ECU. It has been in a damp environment due to problem above, however I took ecu out and apart and cannot visually see any internal damage to circuitry, have put back in vehicle and same engine management light flashes up about a minute after starting up. Is there anyway I can fault code this or does it have to plugged into a data manager port?

Many thanks in anticipation.

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In case anyone suffers a similar water leakage I have managed to find the culprit. This particular car was in an accident and was 'professionally' repaired. On the well below the windscreen below the windscreen wipers (covered by plastic cladding) on the passenger side is the induction fan for the cabin ventilation. The cover from this was missing as is the filter (if they come with a filter), the plastic cladding had been put back on haphazardly and did not seal the water from dripping down into the fan, which got into the vent duct and dripped down the back of the carpet into the passenger footwell right where the ECU is mounted.Happily repaired the leak now (amazing the uses of a bicycle inner tube combined with grease) and still drying out the car, but no more leak. Hurrah!!!
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