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I have recently acquired a 1996 Rover 420 GSI Tourer. I understand from the hanbook that the interior light is supposed to come on when I unlock the doors with the remote. Unfortunately they do not come either when this happens nor when I open any of the doors. The door switches and earthing seems to be OK.

The handbook also states that all 420's were fitted with an alarm and this does not seem to be working either, although the immobiliser is working. Looking through the Haynes I have got, there is no specific reference to these problems, although the wiing diagram seems to state that there is a solid state electronic gizmo behind the fuse board.

Before I throw the car at my friendly Auto electrician, does anyone have any idea as to what may have gone wrong and how to fix it?

Many thanks from a confused newbie!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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