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1996 Rover 216 Coupé. QUICK SALE PLEASE

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Unfortunately, the time has come to sell my coupe :(

I would have kept her for years but I fell out with my insurance company and now they're demanding over £1k as a lump sum just to insure my car for 6 months. So I told them to eff off. And becuase I'm young its hard to insure a group 15 car cheaply! So she has to go :(

And because I rely on a car for my work, I need to get the cash to buy another one, so I need it gone quickly :(

Basically, its a 1996 charcoal grey 1.6 coupe. It has the K series engine, done 140,000 but still looks mint.

It's probably easier if I just post the piston heads link:

I am looking for £700 but I will accept sensible offers.

If you have any questions at all, email, PM, call or text me :)
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£600? Anyone? I don't want to break her, but I feel I'll end up getting more money if I do
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