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depends on the driving you are doing. i'd go for between 30 and 34.

195/45/15 is a strange size isn't it
not really. Just slightly lower profile than most 15s. I ran 195/50/15 for a couple years on an older car :)

£33 fitted and balanced for firestones. (per corner) Decent tyres also.

nah der cracking in the wet, no aqua planing unlike standard tyres ;)

What exactly qualifys as standard tyres :lol:

5 years ago your average tyres were 14 or 15 inch and diferent widths/profiles depending on car.. Now its most likely 17s again profile and width depending on car :lol:

I agree though, 195--> less aquaplaining than 205s. But then you dont have as much fun in the dry when its safe to go quick :evil:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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