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190 LPG questions....

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I'm just looking ahead a bit at the moment, but in the spring I may well be tempted to change back into a ZT (well, a ZTT to be specific). As lovely as the TF is, I just miss that jena se qua that I had from both my ZTs.

It'll either be a 190 or CDTi, really depends on what appears first. The CDTi has some major advantages, but I do miss the sound from the V8, so I know a CDTi won't scratch that itch, but getting 50/60mpg does more than make up for it!

I want a monogram car, so again, there are probably more top spec 190s around than CDTis.

But it really will depend on what comes up first. There's a nice 190 ZTT in Celestial kicking around at the moment, inronicially two digits up on the number plate from my old 260.

Anyway, if I don't get a 190 with LPG, then I'd be interested in getting it fitted, although I know from when I looked into this with the 260, the payback period was ridiculous (around 4 years iirc) for me, as I don't do stella mileages, but the cost for a V6 shouldn't be quite as much as it was with the V8 and not to mention the practicality of a LPG tank on the V8!

Does anyone with experience of LPG on the 190s have any guidelines as to what the cost would roughly be to get a kit installed and what are the servicing costs like?
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Hi my 160 is on lpg, but i fitted myself. Have you seen Inditime is fitting lpg to one now.
The cost to have it fitted will be from around £1200 upwards.
Ive been running lpg cars for 6 years/5 cars now and its saved me loads, as i do 35-40k per year.
I wouldn't want to fit one myself, I'm not particularly talented when it comes to that side of things! Out of interest, how much dos the kits tend to cost on their own?
hmm a quick calculation seems to suggest payback in around 18 months, which is better than it was last time.
My ZT-T 190 had it fitted about 5 years ago at a cost of £1800 or so. I bought it 10 months ago. I get about 22mpg of Gas driving quite carefully when the fuel computer is saying 28mpg - yes it does still work.

The running cost works out at 65% of petrol on average over many tank fulls. Where I get LPG it's 66p/litre and as you can see from the above, the car will use more of it than it would petrol for the same distance. You also loose a bit of power, this is more noticable in cold weather.

The payback does not normally make sence unless you do lots of miles, so you would be better off buying one with the kit already fitted like I did. You might pay £500 or so more than a standard car, but you can do the sums.

Last time I worked it out it takes about 30k miles ot pay back the cost of a £1500 conversion taking in to consideration the 20% or reduction in fuel efficiency when running on LPG compared to unleaded.

My ZS180 averages 24mpg on LPG and has been converted since 19k miles in late 2005. I've had the car from new - it is now on 102k miles, cam belts changed by me in April this year on 93k miles (I know - I should've done it sooner) and oil and filter change done a thousand miles ago. 80K miles plus on LPG has paid me back about £3800 more than the cost of conversion over a 5 year period.

Those boys in Birmingham built a bloody good car - still goes round corners as if it was on rails and pulls like a train, still wearing original brake discs and clutch (friction materials and hydraulics) . . . but that's enough of me being happy with my ZS.

If you're likely to do 30k miles in a 190, you'll cover the cost of conversion. I am of the opinion that you'll need to do 50k miles after converting to LPG for you to see any real payback. You won't get the full value of the cost of converting back on resale, but it will make the car easier to sell IMO.

Hope this helps.
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Je ne sais quoi.

With all the dodgy English spelling and grammar you can read on .org, it's a bit harsh to pull him up on a French phrase. :rofl:
With all the dodgy English spelling and grammar you can read on .org, it's a bit harsh to pull him up on a French phrase. :rofl:
That's true. Murky buttercups, mon-sewer. :respect:
With all the dodgy English spelling and grammar you can read on .org, it's a bit harsh to pull him up on a French phrase. :rofl:
Especially when I copy and pasted it from Google ;)
Not sure with the MG/75 cars, but we're on our 3rd LPG motor, BMW 540i touring, Chrysler Jeep Cherokee and current Mitsi Shogun Sport 3L V6. I use a local LPG supplier rather than forcourt and it costs me 48p/litre, real saving over 12 months/25k miles
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