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(1) MG ZR Hairpin 16" Alloy SOLD NOW

Hi guys

I have a single 16" MG ZR hairpin alloy for sale if anyone has a knackered wheel/tyre or just wants to maybe replace the space saver. I bought it for that purpose, when I got the car, but I am now on 17's.

No problems if it doesn't sell, it will still do as a temp spare for those I s'pose.

It has a Dunlop Sport 9000, 205/50VR x16 Tyre which has only covered about twenty miles or so (I changed the wheel and it went down to ATS to get my 17" changed)

The wheel has not been kerbed, but there is a slight mark on a couple of the spokes where it fell over and landed on the wheel face when it was being changed. grrrrrrrrr.

I have tried to show the damage as best I can, but it isn't bad and its hard to photograph.

£50 collected from M1/A1 corridor in sunny South Yorkshire please.

PM if you are interested please 'cos the thread post notifications don't seem to be working properly (for me anyway).

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