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Hello everybody!

Im selling this ZR on behalf of a friend and its in pretty good nick if im honest.
its a 1.4 16V, with 58K on the clock and its black. MOT until 31st July and Tax until 30th April. there is a wee bit of rust starting to come thru on the passenger door, But rust is maybe the wrong word more like rust stain coz its just starting near the front wing, the rear scusher doesnt work but im sure alot of ZR rear scushers dont work (mine doesnt, nither did my old R25)
And it needs new wiper blades (but not exactly a MOT fail).

If Your intrested PM me and i can give you contact details for ma friend.

Last thing is that the car has got its front winter wheels on, the car will come with those fitted but the original alloys will come with the car, plus the 6x9s fitted in the rear shelf.

Viewing is also welcome.

If you want pictures then i need to email them to you because there too big and the quility of the pictures is too great for the forum specs.
PM me and its not a problem tho.

I must also say that we are speaking about Aberdeen here, MGs go for an extra penny up this neck of the woods.

The price is £1300 O.N.O
Thanks Guys
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