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04MY ZS180 StoneChips

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Any 04/05MY ZS 180 owners out there (or ZS owners with bodykit) who have experienced a ridiculous amount of stone chips on the rear wheel arch extensions.... particularly the front, just behind the rear door.

Mine has done just over 6K miles now.... and the concentration of stone chips around this area of the car (both sides) is unbelievable. The front of the car is practically chip free. I let my favourite Service Garage look at it to see if they agreed that it was stone chips... and yep, they agree also.

Looks like the front wheels have been chucking out grit or stones to the side of the sills, which then due to aerodynamics are 'arking' back in towards the car and hitting all at the same area. I'll try and post a pic up of what I mean... but it looks like there is no point in me re-painting as it's just gonna keep happening. Just gonna have to put some sticky carbon effect stuff on to cover/protect it. It's completely through the paintwork and the yellow is showing through...yuk.

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I have got the same problem tho its not to bad but noticable
get some mud guards fitted, you can get MG ones that don't look bad.
I've noticed loads a cak accumulating down the sides of the car (more than other cars). Its def a slight design fault with the car, though I dont have any visible chips at the moment, its just a matter of time. I cringe every time I hear a small stone hit the side!
are mudflaps an option with having the side skirts? I had the mudflaps on my ZT, but was under the impression that these weren't available for zeds with skirts.

here's a pic of what i was talking about. The car is dirty, so it's not as noticeable... but when it's clean and sparkly, these yellow bit look awful.



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Blimey, mine is nowhere near that bad!!!

But the front bumper is very bad, shocking in fact. I used a very good quality wax a few weeks back and the car looked stunning, but the next time I washed the front bumper was speckled white because there were so many stone chips, on a 4 month old car.

I'm considering getting the bumper repainted it someone can do a better job than the factory. Especially the grill which is a different colour!
I've just got another large chip on the sills behind the rear wheel. I think its just something the 180 owners will have to live with.
Schtopper said:
get some mud guards fitted, you can get MG ones that don't look bad.
The mud guards fit only the MG's without the body kit, unless there are other versions available, do you know something I do not?

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just comapred the areas of the photo with my car, and yep have exactly the same problems. Mines worst from just behind the front wheels. It seems to be worst where the bodykit is not 'snug', only way I can think of sorting is this is by using some form of car bodyfiller.

what have others done to sort the problem?
I'm just gonna have to stick some of that sticky carbon fibre look stuff on it. Was gonna do it one night this week... but I got home last night to find a large dent on the OSR door just under the window (on the crease). :irked:

Must have been done at the works car park. :guns2: So, the stone chips are currently a minor concern. I don't think this is gonna push out easily, but will get one of those dent wizard places to look at it anyway. Only had the car about 4weeks... well p155ed off.

The wife did tell me that green cars were unlucky... :eyes:
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