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  1. MG / Rover Related Chat - up to 2005
    Cześć. Mam kilka pytań. Ile momentu obrotowego i mocy może wytrzymać oryginalna skrzynia biegów z silnika 20tn2 pg1 s6bsu? Czy ktoś miałby taką skrzynkę na sprzedaż? A może dałoby się dopasować ten silnik do innej, mocniejszej skrzyni biegów? Z góry dziękuje za twoją pomoc
  2. MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise
    Hi All, Installing new speakers in the front of my car and the front right side plays out a lot quiter than the left side and is muffled etc, the original speakers weren't playing out the front as the crimp was unpluged so we plugged it back together it wasn't working out the right, we thought...
  3. ZR lowered

    On 30mm Avo Springs
  4. Passenger

  5. zorst

  6. Drivers

  7. My ZR and a Red Sinclair C5

    Here is Pat Marsh from BBC radio Kent comparing my ZR with his Sinclair C5
  8. drawn

  9. Incoz1

    rear veiw
  10. Incoz1

    MG zr .. Performance mods so far: K&N induction Kit & strut brace, forged pistons all performance belts spark plugs, full exhaust sports catalytic convertor, super chiped n new set of rims with toyo tyres, all grooved brake discs, sound system department,all Alpine, 2 12" sub's, 1 250wA
  11. Incoz1

    7 colour LED neons.. on white.*
  12. jac's MGZR tris

    Photos taken in Torino, Italy
  13. jac's MGZR left

    Photo taken in Torino, Italy
  14. jac's MGZR front

    Photo taken in Torino, Italy
  15. jac's MGZR back

    Photo taken in Torino, Italy
  16. MG ZR, International Rally of Wales

    MG ZR tackles the Sweet Lamb stage of the International Rally of Wales, April 2005
  17. 120

  18. new_car

    My new ZR!!!!
  19. ZR

    ZR on18's, superchip, de-cat,K&N
1-20 of 30 Results