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  1. Introduce yourself
    Hello Everyone, I have finally got round to becoming a member and posting on here. I bought my wife an 2000 MGF Wedgwood SE in April and so have been on here quite a bit trying to sort out the issues it came with. So far have replaced all the brake pads, discs and one of the calipers (which...
  2. Other Motoring Chat
    Had enough of Halfords continually watering down their original double concentrate screenwash, I don't know how they can keep calling it that now that the latest version is now rated down to -20°C from -23°C neat, it was rated down to -40°C when I first started using it and it cost less than the...
  3. Other Motoring Chat
    I remember a really helpful thread of these but can't find it now. [three similar threads have appeared but they are "model specific"...] Judging by driving yesterday: Don't drive too fast - you don't know if the next corner may be covered with ice. If you see brakelights / red traffic...
1-3 of 3 Results