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  1. Diesel Forum!
    I have an rare 1997 Honda Accord with the 20T2N rover diesel engine with almost 300k km on it. Just want to know any tuning tips for this engine and also where to get parts as i live in Norway :)
  2. MG ZS (2001-2005) / Rover 45 & 400
    hi guys I've got a ZS+ TD 101 and i want to up the power out of it when i bought it it already had a stainless steal exhaust (not sure about cat on it tbh) and sdi injectors. I've fitted a cheap Halfords cone filter as well (air box wasn't connected needed a quick fix don't judge ha-ha). The...
  3. MG ZS (2001-2005) / Rover 45 & 400
    Hi guys new to the forum, I'm doing a interesting project with a mate and were planning on turbocharging a zs 120. were using a T04E turbo in a T3/T4 bolting arrangement. my issue is finding an exhaust manifold to fit. I am seeing custom ones that are very expensive. seeing as were trying to...
  4. MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise
    Helo all, had a few people enquiring about forthcioming Kmaps (ZandF) discount group days so heres a list covering the next few weeks.. 3rd April Donington Park (MGCC Trophy Race weekend) 16th April Pride of Longbridge 30th April Brands hatch (at Sevens and Classsics Caterham showroom)...
  5. Introduce yourself, no questions please
    I would like to say hello to everyone on this forum, I have finally made the jump and joined but you lot have been helping my with my MG ZR TD since the day I brought it back in April 2015. I brought the car as spears and repairs with what I was told was just a bad track rod end..... but it was...
  6. Wanted
    Hi there, I am looking for a atmospheric dump valve (the type that bolts directly onto the turbo) for an MG ZT Turbo. Does Anyone have one for sale or know anywhere I can buy one. I believe Forge used to do one but it isn't on there website anymore. Cheers Glenn
  7. Wanted
    please help a 620ti stay on the tarmac, the turbo is completely seized and im needing a whole new unit (t25) obviously in good working condition (not as obvious to certain eBay members who dint have a clue) I've got the cash waiting and the rover is in desperate need, please get back to me if u...
  8. MG/R Modification & Tuning
    Just wondering if anyone has used a drev box on a petrol to see what speeds were possible? Or maybe the 5th gear from a derv in a petrol box or something? Purely for low rev cruising, but also for rapid top end? I imagine it would only be worth it on KTurbos or T16 (if atall possible as they...
  9. MG ZT / Rover 75
    Yes, 3 weeks to MG Live! There are discount remap slots still available on the Saturday..drop me a line to get your £200 upgrade! For info there are additional discount days in the summer - at MGFnTFBits in Glossop on 28th July, and a meet at the Gaydon Motor Museum on 18th August. Tell your...
  10. MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise
    Someone had a really bad day...!!
  11. MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise
    I've got my eye on a 1.8t ZT on ebay thats coming to an end soon, and still fairly cheap. Reading up, it has a Getrag gearbox... My ZR also has a Getrag box, the IB5 from the Fez ZS, Rumour has it that the IB5 is good for only 150bhp, and obv. the ZT is 160 as standard, so, am I supposed to...
  12. Rover 220 SDi (128bhp, modified)

    My 1998 Rover 220 SDi 3dr, Iv owned this car since August 2006 It has had: Full engine rebuild and turbo enhanced by D&C Diesel Performance (Bradford) Revotec double piston dump valve Re-mapped ECU ACR performance gearbox fitted. Spax fully adjustable suspension fitted. Bigger front brakes fitte
  13. kv6 turbo

    want that one !!



  17. Ste220

    220GSi Turbo in blue with a tasty lump in the front end!
  18. 220Gsi Turbo

  19. Rover 220Gsi Turbo

1-20 of 21 Results