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  1. For Sale
    MG ZT ROVER 75 Exhaust Bumper Trim 260 RHS DQQ000080MMM SOLD SOLD MG ZT 260 rear exhaust trim, RHS.. P/N DQQ000080MMM These are out of stock from rimmers and are £70+ when available. Inbox if interested or...
  2. MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise
    Any ideas how I can get the chrome trim off the boot as I'm going to colour code and mesh the front grille I figure I may as well do this at the same time. Any advice will be appreciated, ta, G.
  3. Introduce yourself
    Hi guys, fairly new owner bought a 2005 ZT in April, no problems so far. 2 questions; 1- When ever I go over bumps there is a rattling sound, its not machanical, its coming from outside on the driver side, not sure if its front or back but its not the undertray 2- The 'waistline' strip...
  4. Wanted
    Im after the boot handle, door rub strips and wing mirrors (just the casing, dont need glass or motors) and the snout if its in silver. and finally an armrest. all to go on a thaiti blue Vi, think it will finish it off :) Thanks
  5. Diesel Forum!
    Hi guys, Slowly bringing my new sdi up to standard! Arty pics will follow tomorrow if the weather is nice! But down to point.. I hate the diesel curvy exhaust! Poor student seriously lacking in cash however! Old idea.. hacksaw the end of the exhaust off and attach a stainless trim. 1)...
1-5 of 5 Results