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  1. England - South
    I just spent time starting to de-rust my front sub frame (off car) and realised it has had a whack and has some impact damage. I'm on the Isle of Wight. The damage is only a 3mm shunt but the rear wishbone bolt and captive nut is jammed up. Anyone with an impact free front subframe?:)
  2. Blog
    Once these are out, just pull the plastic shroud away, but it'll probably pop off when the final nub is out. You're left with removing two bolts per side, and the seat belt retainer. Use the T50 Torx bit on each of the bolts. They're torqued up, but a quality bit won't have any problems at...
  3. Blog
    This is an easy swap, once you get the four bolts out to remove the actual seat from the car (these can be really corroded and stuck - get a Teng/Snap On torx bit, don't use cheap stuff that will strip the head). All the bolts are T50 torx bolts. You'll need a small screw driver to remove the...
1-3 of 3 Results