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  1. R25 1.6i 16v - aka Spunky

    Here is the rear shot! Needs some different clusters. Also got front and rear bibs/splitters planned, plus side skirts. Trying to design a new spoiler feature, contemplating moding a non-OE spoiler from anothe manufacturer, possible the Mitshubishi FTO spoiler! Neons of course will be going on, blue
  2. R25 1.6i 16v - aka Spunky

    Here she is, Spunky! The reason for this is that in the past I have only driven 1.2's and I owned a Fiat Brava 1.4 (Sorry to swear on here, but had to tell you what I drove, Fiat, dirty word!). So, on my first day of having Spunky, I drove to my girls house to show her, I got to the last roundabout
1-2 of 2 Results