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  1. MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise
    Hey there, I'm looking to change the speakers on my SW, and I got the Vectra adapters but unfortuantely they're way too bulky, so I was thinking of making one out of MDF. What I'm confused about are the sizing of these adapters, it looks like this: e.g. 177/36 mm. Which size MDF ring fits as...
  2. In-Car Audio, Entertainment, Sat Nav etc...
    Upgrading front speakers? Morning all Currently my 45 is fitted with the MG Rover standard slot loading head unit, front speakers with seperate tweeter and 2-way rears. The front speakers are standard oem fitment, the rears I changed for Alpine SXE 1725. I would like to change the head unit...
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1-4 of 4 Results