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  1. Front Close Up!

    Smooth Bumper and RGM Splitter
  2. Tidy Front - Smooth - Predator Side Skirts

    Predator Side Skirts - Bk 17's - Smooth Bumper - Clear Headlights - Focus Style Repeaters - RGM Splitter!
  3. M3 Mirrors Fitment - Interior!

    Due to the origional plates having a hole for standard manual adjustmend I had to smoth over the interior panel and spray silver. Looks pretty neat too.
  4. Open Grille - Smooth Front

    Pic Showing fully Smooth Bumper Close Up and Open Mouth Front Grill with new mesh!
  5. Unique Rear!

    Smooth Rear Bumper - Tinted Lights - %" Powerflow - FLush Tailgate. Looks Sexy IMHO.
  6. Front Of Car - Unique!

    Completly Unique Smooth\'d Front Bumper over - fog casings, rubbing strips and numberplate etc. RGM Splitter - Open Grille - M Mirrors
  7. Concept Front -

    Should look like this late April 04. Front grille with added slat. Fully smooth'd with RGM front splitter. You seen it here first! Ian 1/4/04
1-7 of 8 Results