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  1. For Sale
    Just switched my 2001 25 to a full leather set. The car has only done 14.5k miles so the seats are near mint condition. Black cloth seats. I do have a bag of the bolts etc but I lost the square nut that the bolt goes into between the back seats. Assuming it's in the back of my 25 under the...
    £100 GBP
  2. Wanted
    Hiya, Just about to pick up my own 105 ZR 3dr and am looking around for a full set of seats (blue trim, half leather as with the ZR 160). Had a look on ebay, and they have pairs for red and yellow going for 40 and 50 quid - both in good nick - so would like the spend a similar sort of price on...
  3. MG ZS (2001-2005) / Rover 45 & 400
    Hi, couple of quick questions: 1. On a 2004 facelift 45 hatch, there are three plastic clips in the back seat to stow the seat belt buckles (the buckles clip on to the clips when not in use). Are these removable / replaceable? 2. Will the seats from any other vehicles (e.g. Honda, wedge R8)...
  4. Wanted
    Hi people looking for some Blue Monacos for a 3dr ZR in or arounds the midlands area Or near Colchester Many thanks!
  5. For Sale
    Rover 45/ MG ZS hatchback black cloth seats these are the old seats out of my 160'000 miles rover 45 impression S. they are in near perfect condition, don't smell and the drivers seat shows barely any wear, and there is next to none on the others. the passenger side has a tiny burn mark on...
  6. Wanted
    Looking for some MG ZR 3dr seat covers with the blue bits! Seat covers or seats, either or! Thanks in advance!
  7. Wanted
    Hi, i am new to the site. I am registed within the rover club. I am Looking for the half leather interior with the yellow inserts, as my GF wants some in her rover 25, for her birthday. Thanks Greg
  8. MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise
    I am looking to replace my seats in the the drivers side back rest right side has a hole ripped in the leather, and the foam is disintegrating. Is it a straight swap for the Rover 25 seats to the 200 seats? Does the 200 drivers seat have a height adjuster like the 25? If not, is it...
  9. For Sale
    Rover 25 suspension Rover 25 grille Rover 25 seats (5 door) Rover 25 rear spoiler MG ZR door cards (3 door ALL STARTING BIDS 0.99p: NO RESERVATION! Just click on link below Any questions please ask Thanks
  10. leather seats

    more leather seats
  11. leather seats

    here we go ! leather interior !!
1-11 of 11 Results