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  1. MGF and MGTF
    I noticed black dirt in the top of the screen-wash bottle, and already felt that the supply of screen-wash to the screen was feeble, so I decided o tackle the problem. First, I CAREFULLY removed the plastic shield covering the bottle. 2 plastic covered nuts on the left: circled in red above Then...
  2. Other Motoring Chat
    Had enough of Halfords continually watering down their original double concentrate screenwash, I don't know how they can keep calling it that now that the latest version is now rated down to -20°C from -23°C neat, it was rated down to -40°C when I first started using it and it cost less than the...
  3. Other Motoring Chat
    As it was really nice and warm today I decided to get some more screenwash. I always use Shell screenwash. In the winter, it's blue. In the summer, it's pink. (Cue requests to borrow a bottle to watch the change happen! :slap: :lol:) I found some Shell summer screenwash in a great big 2l...
1-3 of 3 Results