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  1. Diesel Forum!
    I've not managed to find any reference to anyone mating a six-speed gearbox to the L-series diesel, which I'm keen to do for my 2002 ZS. Had anyone achieved such a thing? Or even a 5-speed with more widely spaced gears would be an acceptable alternative Mike
  2. Show us your Projects!
    Hello All, Only joined only moments ago but thought i would share my Rover project with you. I came across this Rover by pure luck as I was wanting to purchase a car to tinker with as I previously had an RX8 which drank so much fuel and I then decided to be a grown up and got myself a golf GTD...
  3. Wanted
    I'm after a Rover 45 2.0 TD face lift. Must be a face lift model and Diesel. Also not looking for anything over 70k mileage but would consider upto 80k if the car was right. Not really fussed on the colour, would like cream interior but not a major issue. I'm on a budget but will pay the right...
  4. Car Care & Detailing Forum
    Hi guys. Just recently purchased my Rover 45 MK1 in Starlight Silver and it has a couple of bruises I'd like to repair. First and most annoying one is this little dent in the front passenger door: Could I maybe push that out from the inside? Or is it a bigger job... Also have a couple of...
  5. Introduce yourself
    Just joined, looking forward to sharing information with other ROVER fans.
  6. Introduce yourself
    Hello all im jack just recently bought a rover 45! 42000 miles 1.4i 2000 reg bought it about a week ago, Im going to do a few mods like tint windows put a zs spoiler on it and thats about it oh yeah a few LED's here and there From Yorkshire any one know of any meets around the york area?
  7. For Sale
    Rover 45/ MG ZS hatchback black cloth seats these are the old seats out of my 160'000 miles rover 45 impression S. they are in near perfect condition, don't smell and the drivers seat shows barely any wear, and there is next to none on the others. the passenger side has a tiny burn mark on...
  8. Wanted
    Changed the bulb and drove off without the internal headlamp cap screwed on - by any chance anyone got one?????? Ta Matt
  9. In-Car Audio, Entertainment, Sat Nav etc...
    Upgrading front speakers? Morning all Currently my 45 is fitted with the MG Rover standard slot loading head unit, front speakers with seperate tweeter and 2-way rears. The front speakers are standard oem fitment, the rears I changed for Alpine SXE 1725. I would like to change the head unit...
  10. MG ZS / Rover 45 & 400
    I am a relatively new 2000 Rover 45 (1.4) owner in Ireland. Purchased the car in a bit of a hurry in November and came a cropper fairly soon. No anto-freeze in engine so weighed up the pros and cons bought a secondhand engine from UK, was meant to be shipped next day but in the end took s few...
  11. Introduce yourself
    Hi all, As you may guess I am an Newbie at this forum. Just bought my 4th Rover last week He's a cracker. W Plate 45 1.6IL , 42K Genuine has been garaged for last 9 years. Think I,ll call him Spencer the Rover (John Martyn). Good to talk to other like minded folk! Cheers.
  12. MG ZS / Rover 45 & 400
    not cross posting and won't check this so please don't reply here and if mods want to close As you guys and girls are the 400/45 fans and just in case you don't go into for sale section, I know of a low mileage Rover 45 if you know anybody who is interested. See thread below...
  13. MG ZS / Rover 45 & 400
    Set off to drive from Bournemouth to Wembley today to watch the Cup Final and got about 12 miles when the Engine light came on. I didn't want to risk it so came back and we switched to my brothers car. I checked the oil, coolant etc before I set off and all is good. I have not noticed anything...
  14. MG ZS / Rover 45 & 400
    Ok, so I took out the old Rover cd player from my 2001 45 and I got the BMW to ISO cable BUT there is not enough room in the flaming hole to stick it all. The BMW block with the ISO adaptor plugged into it is bloody huge due to the and there is no way i can force through the small hole's in the...
  15. In-Car Audio, Entertainment, Sat Nav etc...
    Hi, Just got my Y reg Rover 45 and it has a Rover branded CD player in it. What tools do I need to take this out? My old rovers both had a Phillips stereo in that took the round bars to remove it. This one seems to have some small flaps that open on each side but I haven't seen a tool to fit...
  16. MG ZS / Rover 45 & 400
    So picked up my Rover 45 1.6 Classic tonight. It is Y reg 2001 - 64k on the clock. Body work and engine looks immaculate. Nice drive. Pity it doesn't have alloys but it does have heated seats and electric mirrors. Whoop.


  18. My Rover 45 (hatch)

    My Rover 45 (hatch)

    A good car!