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  1. Others
    I’m looking to buy a car that’s not only reliable as a daily, but I can work on with cosmetic and performance upgrades. I’ve never owned a Rover and know next to nothing about them, but this one caught my eye and I think I’m in love. I just need advise on whether you think it’s worth buying and...
  2. MG ZS (2001-2005) / Rover 45 & 400
    I have run into the problem of trying to put in a new head unit, and instead of actually checking any forums or anything before hand I cut wires and stripped them like an idiot. Will I need to get a whole new loom or is there actually a way I connect these?
  3. Wanted
    Hi I am looking for front bumper, wing and bonnet for a T reg (95-99) Rover 400 in JFR in the Coventry area if you have any one of these for sale please Email me or contact me on 07976042235, Thanks Paul
  4. MG ZS (2001-2005) / Rover 45 & 400
    Went to my garage for a clicking noise on the front driverside wheel. Solved, touch wood. But I was advised that something was going both sides on the back wheels. Could have been bushes or something like that, they said they were cracked, I have never heard any sound from the back wheels...
  5. MG ZS (2001-2005) / Rover 45 & 400
    Ceiling & Drivers Seat. Driver Seat - Got in the car yesterday and a hard metal bar was digging into my back :eek:, the bar is vertical and runs up the wings of the backrest. Think this maybe a whole new front seat job as the foam must have worn away leaving the bar showing just under the seat...
  6. Rover 400 Black Interior

    Rover 400 Black Interior. Dash & seats from Honda Civic vtec with fake carbon fiber sections from MG ZS and original Rover leather steering wheel
  7. rover 400 1

    my car
  8. rover 400

    My car
  9. JeTBoy's Rover 400 front

    My Rover 400 frontal seccion Next step: mesh grille.
1-16 of 16 Results