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  1. MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise
    I have a 1999 rover 200 1.1 Hawaiian blue that has 50.000 km and is in mint condition. I'm thinking of tunning it I can't find information about how to fit a 1.4 16v head. I'm also looking forward to upgrading the throttle body and adding an exhaust valve and some 15' wheels. I don't want to...
  2. Introduce yourself, no questions please
    Hi everyone, I'm currently in the process of a full engine rebuild and I've run across a major electrical issue, yesterday i wound down the passenger window and when I tried to wind it back up it wound up the drivers side window instead so I had to take off the passenger door card and manually...
  3. Cars For Sale
    Hi all I have a rover 200 2.0 SD that needs gone this weekend, its a 1998 110k and it runs great and has an MOT but is SORN. Good bits: Great little runner starts every time first time MOT until jan 15 (I think) Comes with a ZR seats(not fitted) Allows (old 5 spoke rover) spare set of steel...
  4. MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise
    We have just finished fitting a 1.8 to my 1.4 rover 214 bubble, we fired it up and it ran but its really lumpy it judders, its misfiring and sounds generally rough, so we left it thinking the lifters are a bit funny due to not cleaning them out before fitting, but every time we return to it...
  5. MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise
    Looking to upgrade from my 200, possibly looking at something better suited to cruising such as a 45 or 400. Wondered what I might expect to get for mine :). The 200 is platinimum silver, 1.8k with 102k miles. Just passed MOT last week, also had cam belt, tensioner, water pump and cam seals...
  6. MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise
    hi guys :) Right, as the title says really I've got my lovely rover booked in for her yearly checkup next monday, and just want to know if there's any common things I should check in the mean time. Can't afford for it to be off the road so anything I can check would help Here's what I've gone...
  7. Wanted
    Hi, I am looking to upgrade my rover 220sd clutch as mine is going and thought i might aswell upgrade to the bigger sdi clutch but i need an sdi flywheel to do so. Anyone got a spare one? Thanks Dave
  8. Cars For Sale
    Hi Guys, Selling my first car for the genuine reason that I now have a new one! Don't want to screw anyone around if they come from far, so I have been as honest and genuine as possible. Body Type: Hatchback, 5 Door Registered: 1999 Engine Size: 1100cc Transmission: Manual Fuel Type...
  9. For Sale
    For sale is my Rover 200 Body Kit.. The kit has already been fitted to a car, so all holes and fixtures etc have been made, so ANYONE can easily fit this to their car as it uses all the original bumper fixtures - a simple, straight swap for standard bumpers! The kit is painted in Rover Tahiti...
  10. Dr Doggystyle's 200 rearview

    rearview with ZR spoiler ZR Rearbumper Lexus lights exhaust heat shield
  11. PICT0310

  12. PICT0312

  13. benjwildeboer's 200

    took a few photos whilst going along of my mates car.
  14. my zr 17"s on my 200

    bought theses for 140 with good tires, happy:D
  15. dvd

1-20 of 59 Results