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  1. Metro / Rover 100
    Hello, I have a query about rover 111/100 instrument cluster, am I able to fit a instrument cluster with a rev counter into a car that doesn't have the rev counter from standard I.e a 1.4L instrument cluster Thanks
  2. Metro / Rover 100
    Hello, currently with my rover 111si the expansion tank leaks, I've tried different types of plastic glues and it still leaks, can I use a metal expansion tank or should I not use one, please someone let me know what I should do
  3. Metro / Rover 100
    Hi I have a 1997 Rover 114 SLI and the the temperature gauge stopped working after I took the car off the road in the winter. I've never had any problems with the gauge before but since the spring the gauge doesn't work. I've earthed a piece of wire from the connector that plugs into the sensor...
  4. Metro / Rover 100
    I prefer the old style headlights on something like the 1993 Rover Metro, but is it possible to put these on something like a newer 1997 Rover 100? The front fender's look similar where the indicator sits. It looks like the bonnet would need to change, and maybe the front bumper? Can any one...
  5. Metro / Rover 100
    Hello, do you know if there is any coil/spring conversion kit for Hydragas suspensions of Rover 111 Cabriolet (1995)? Thank you for information!
  6. Metro / Rover 100
    Hi, The 'battery' warning light on my R reg '97 Rover 114SLi came on recently. Testing it with a multimeter, it turned out the alternator wasn't charging the battery at all. So, I'm about to go about replacing the alternator (and belt and voltage regulator while I'm at it). My first question...
  7. Metro / Rover 100
    Hi, I'm looking to replace the gearbox on my 1997 Rover 114 Sli, as it grinds specifically when shifting both up, and down, into second gear. I know it currently has a R65 gearbox in it, and many other Rover models use this gearbox. Now, I was wondering if I would have to replace the current...
  8. For Sale
    1990 Metro 1.1S, 3 door 1998 100 1.1 Ascot, 5 door Vehicles located in Cornwall, happy to post most parts. PayPal payments accepted. Contact Simon on 07522 415466 for more info and prices.
  9. Introduce yourself, no questions please
    Hello all, I own a 1997 Rover 114 SLI and a 1991 Rover Mini Cooper, I am new to the forum and I would really appreciate some help as I am running out of ideas. I shall elaborate, I bought my Rover 114 SLI in February this year to be my daily drive, mechanically it has been very good apart from...
  10. Wanted
    Hi there, Am looking for a rear suspension unit (part number NAM9533) for a Rover 114. It's in incredibly good nick and it'd be a tragedy if I had to get it scrapped coz I can't find one. Garage currently can't find the part in stock and I only have a limited time before they want the car off...
  11. Introduce yourself, no questions please
    hi guys n girls my names scott and im from shropshire i have a rover 111sli m reg and its great i actually sacrificed my 2.6 v6 vectra sri for this very car aha its got 56k on the clock and still runs like new! i picked it up for 100 quid spent 60 quid and it passed the mot with a welda very...
  12. For Sale
    Hello, I'm selling my 1998 (R) Rover 100 (111) Ascot for spares or repair. The Cam Belt broke in it a week ago, so it is currently a non runner. It has 77,000 miles on the clock. The Good bits: 11 months MOT (It was serviced too at MOT) 5 New Tyres (feb 09) New Exhaust (Feb 09) It also had...

    bad boy bonnet, lowered plate. By Barber.
  14. ROVER 100 REVAMP

  15. Rover 100

    Rover 100. Interior view from the passenger door. Nice seats!
  16. Rover 100

    Rover 100 rear end. Looks dated compred to modern cars, but looks aren't everything!
  17. Rover 100

    Quite a disgusting colour! Ok, so I was just messing about in Photoshop ;)
1-17 of 17 Results