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  1. How Do I - Answers To Common Problems.
    The headlining on my Rover 25 started sagging. Not only was it unsightly, it also was annoying when it brushed the top of your head. Although I’d stuck up patches before near the hatch, I decided to replace the fabric as the sponge layer behind the material had disintegrated and a tidy repair...
  2. MGF and MGTF
    Howdy Dudes! Pretty much want a replacement Key Fob, can't find any on eBay. I need a Japanese one too (I'm pretty sure, don't really want to take it apart to find out in fear I won't get it working again) I'm in New Zealand. Changed the battery in it today, next step is to get some electrical...
  3. How Do I - Answers To Common Problems.
    Timing / Cam Belt Change K Series Engine – Pictures Background With my ZS 120 (K series, 4 cylinder petrol) being over 6 years old and approaching 60,000 miles on what looks like the original cam-belt, I eventually found time to change it. After referring to lots of useful stuff on the Forum...
  4. MGF and MGTF
    I've got the head off my car at the moment to ahve the head gasket done. I was wondering if its possible to clean the exhaust valves up or just get new ones as they look a bit dirty. Any ideas?
1-4 of 4 Results